Sky Events can transform one room, a large hall, and any combination of indoor/outdoor event space into an awesome, color-infused display!

Battery-powered LEDs paint walls and furniture in hues that set the right mood – without cables and wires. Computer-controled “intelligent” lighting – including strobes and spotlights – can focus the action on the stage, the dance floor…at the right moments and with real precision. Theme lighting includes special features like black lights and “uplights” can enhance your events them, turning even the simplest event space into a wonderland of color and motion.

GLOW IT UP! Sky Events is proud to be one of the first companies to offer a complete “glow-in-the-dark-event called GLOW IT UP! – a new event feature that creates fantastic memories and great guest participation – the amazing photos and stories will be shared long after your event is over! We’ll set your party “aglow” with FDA-approved paints under a cool array of black lights…and can take it even further with “Glow Drums” that let your guests step behind our custom drum set and join the music beat as the neon paints fly every which way. For all types of events, it’s an exciting new feature you can’t pass up!

Sound TIGHT…with Pro Audio Systems!

Nothing says “party” like clean, professional sound. Sky Events uses only the best gear from the industry’s top manufacturers. From an elegant slow dance to a rock ‘n’ roll rave, our pro-quality gear guarantees everyone will feel the beat.

And, of course, Sky Events is second to none in providing DJs with both experience and personality…sound and music pros who know how to set the mood, and get everyone on the dance floor! Karaoke is a great option in getting your guests to be stars of the show, and we can customize selections to perfectly fit your event.

Kick up the action with VIDEO!

Family movies? Music videos? Live action from the dance floor? Sky Events has a variety of large projection screen and flat-screen TV options to really add flair to your event!

Cinestars – A true big screen movie experience under the stars!

Transform any evening – from backyard to poolside to resort festival – into a giant-screen outdoor cinema experience! Select an inflatable screen size that works for your event, and even combine the big-screen with other Sky Events sound and audio options – we’ll custom-design just the right package, with the right combination of speakers, projector, microphones and more.

DVDs, video games, slide shows, live TV events, movies…think BIG…and EXCITING…with Sky Events Cinestars!

Video Game Tournament Packages

For large family gatherings, resort events, and especially team-building corporate events, our Video Game Tournament packages are a new, fast-moving and fun way to get the whole crowd involved. We simply need a large open space (indoor or outdoor) to make the transformation. Our team will build a stage, set up a computer controlled lighting system, erect a large projection screen (or multiple TV’s), and orchestrate everything to produce your custom gaming extravaganza. With systems like the PS3 Move, Xbox 360 Kinect or the Nintendo Wii to choose from, our Video Game Tournaments can be scaled to fit your small function…or be an all-out game show event!