Here’s just a sample of the popular features available for your Dream Day!


Reception Sound  Two speakers, wireless microphone and “plug-and-play” party lights. Also includes DJ services and planning guide.

Cocktail Hour – One speaker with your selected songs or style of music.

Ceremony Sound – To light up your reception venue with the color(s) of your choice.

Uplighting – To light up your reception venue with the color(s) of your choice.

Extra DJ – Especially helpful when you do not have a wedding planner and want that “extra bit” of service to help seamlessly coordinate and facilitate all of the important moments of your day.

Sound System Upgrade – An affordable upgrade specially designed to give your sound some extra “punch” for the crowd that likes to dance all night (great for receptions over 150 people).

Custom Monogram – Personalized monogram projected onto the floor, wall or a drapery arrangement. Can also be upgraded to be outside (e.g., on the side of a building).

Upgraded Lighting – A step up from the popular plug-and-play lighting. These lights will move to the beat and style of music, and can also be set up for spotlights and dramatic entrances!

Video Packages – Projector, projection screens or TVs to help display family photos or prepared videos.

Specialized Entrances

Cryo Entrance – If you’re looking for a spectacular and exciting entrance as you walk into the room, our “Cryo Entrance” will blast two plumes of odorless smoke in front for you and your wedding party to run out from!

Dry Ice  – Low-lying fog creates a gentle, entrancing cloud for you to glide into the room on. (It’s also a great choice for your first dance!) Think of it as a “Dance on a Cloud” for everyone to see!

Phoenix Entrance – If you like fireworks, then this is the feature for you! Use our “Phoenix Entrance” for a memorable display that’s safe (and with minimal smoke). Guests won’t be able to look away as you and your bridal party enter the room.

For more details about many of these features, please visit the “ENTERTAINMENT” and “MAKING THE MAGIC” sections of our Sky Events Unlimited website!