You already know what’s going to make your wedding day special:


Your family, your friends…and YOU…the bride and groom! And you’ve already done the hard part. You’ve set the date, found the perfect venue, worked on your guest list, and probably even started planning your honeymoon. Our job is to help with the easy part…and the FUN PART!

A simple ceremony with a couple dozen of your nearest and dearest? We’ll help make it both intimate and memorable. A day-long, resort-based event with live music and hours of entertainment? We’ll fire up the latest sounds, colors, and effects that will sparkle across everyone’s social networks! We’ve got the talent and gear to do both and everything in-between, along with a commitment to make your dream fit your budget.

No one offers a more comprehensive menu of event features, and no one can match our choice of all-era music, dynamic DJs, and popular area musicians.

As we said, the hard part’s done. Time to get ahold of your custom Dream Days Sound & Light Planner, and start the FUN PART!